Engineering Division

Jabson Quality Engineering Co Ltd

Chung Shun Chemical (HK) Co Ltd has been in the preventive fire protection and corrosion protection business since 2000.

Jabson Quality Engineering Co Ltd was established in 2005 to handle engineering division.

We mainly specialise in the application of fire protection coatings and facings on steel constructions in the area of structural and industrial fire protection. This includes not only on site coatings application but also off site well equipped shop application.

Our company is a licensed and recommended applicator for the following product groups:

  • Fire protection epoxy systems, such as Firetex M90, Nullifire System E
  • Vermiculite fire protection plaster such as Pyrocrete
  • Vermiculte/Perlite fire protection plasters and mineral fibre sprayed plaster such as Tanda AP25
  • Thin layer intumenscent coating systems such as Firetex, Nullifire and Cafco

In the corrosion protection area, besides the traditional applications, we specialise in hot metal spraying (arc, gas). This is a high-quality metal corrosion protection (aluminium) with its main applications being in the off-shore area.

We also provide on and off-site surface preparation work on steel and concrete, such as grit-blasting, vacuum blasting, power tool cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning. All works are conducted with specialized equipments. Our works meet all international standards.

Flooring Coating application is one of our specialty services. From domestic, carpark coating, pedestrian anti-slip coating and bicycle lane coating to industrial, warehouse, courier depot and ESD floor system, we provide one stop solution to our customer.

We are not only supply and market Peacofloor System but also apply the material by our experienced and well equipped contractual team.

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