The Nufins Division manufactures specialist products for the civil engineering and construction industries, with products specially designed for construction, repair and refurbishment projects. As well as an extensive range of products for decorative and non-decorative hard landscaping. All of these products are extensively tested and backed with ISO 9001 accreditation.

Through the divisions own technical innovation and research and development laboratories it has been able to maintain its competitiveness to match the increasingly demanding nature of the construction industry, offering the products that are needed by all industry sectors.

Unithene 1600 Self adhesive waterproofing membrane with selvedge. Waterproof membrane for use on vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces such as roofs, foundations, basements and retaining walls. View
Unithene Protection Board A tough puncture resistant protection board to protect Unithene 1600 and 2100 membranes from damage. Used to protect waterproofing membranes against on site traffic prior to backfilling. View
Unithene Primer Primer for the use with Unithene 1600 View
Uniseal 200/90 High performance fuel resistant sealant specifically developed for sealing contraction and expansion joints in concrete paved areas, roads, bridge decks and airfield runways. Conforms to BS5212: 1990 (Type F&B). Specifically developed for sealing contraction and expansion joints in concrete paved areas. View