Peacofloor is one of the brand names of Peacock Paint which is marketed by Chung Shun Chemical (Hong Kong) Co Ltd in Hong Kong and China. Peacofloor is specialized in Chemical Products, epoxy and polyurethane polymers for the protection and preservative of concrete.

Peacofloor offers a complete range of products for a vast array of industrial and commercial flooring applications. From epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic sealers and toppings that provide dust suppression or protection of concrete from the deterioration of corrosive chemicals, to epoxy quartz an epoxy terrazzo that create a decorative appearance while providing outstanding abrasion and impact resistance. Peacofloor products incorporate the latest in polymer resin technology with many products being 100% solids by volume or very low VOC for user friendly application.

Peacofloor extensive laboratory strengths and understanding of polymer technology have resulted in the development of a range of high quality, environmentally friendly products. In addition to a complete construction product line, this has also resulted in the development of a comprehensive range of adhesives, casting and laminating resins, and molding compounds that are used in the automotive industry and other industrial production application.